Our Parish

Mission Statement

We, the faith community of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and Annunciation, are a welcoming parish deeply rooted in our Roman Catholic tradition. We are committed to faithfully and reverently living the Gospel of Christ, in communion with all of God’s people. Aware and proud of our rich cultural heritage we remain open to the invitation of the Holy Spirit and pledge ourselves to continue building a bridge for future generations.

Welcome Message

God Shows No Partiality – All are Welcome Here

Are you a sinner? Have you been away from the church for a long time? Are you divorced or separated? Are you physically or mentally challenged? Are you from a different culture? Are you visiting our neighborhood? Are you not accepted because of your sexual orientation? Are you elderly, a teen or young adult? Are you discriminated against because of your color? Are you feeling broken? Are you poor or out of work? Have you been imprisoned? Have you a feeling that you are left out?

You are welcome here!
This is God’s House!
This is Everyone’s Home